Self Care


Happiness is available. Learn how to let the body help you find it.


Yoga Tune up balls. Yoga Blocks. Lacrosse balls. Golf balls and hard cover books. Blankets, bolsters and wine bottles are all props you can use to take care of your body. Demonstrating a daily act of love for yourself has the same effects it does on a new child. Trust, Love, growth and guidance are just the beginning of some of the wisdom that can be cultivated, just by taking the time to spend on you.


To love yourself, is to polish your light with such purpose, that it can spread onto those close enough to benefit from your shine, and inspire them to grow themselves.


Put your own air mask on first. There is an 80% increase in productivity of employees when they know that they are cared about and appreciated. Show them you care by providing simple tools to take care of their own bodies. Preventative health that can be done from any desk or with just five minutes of attention. Let your body give you a natural chemical boost with these simple acts of self care. Coffee doesn't stand a chance.


Serotonin is the drug in our brain that releases the "Don't Worry Be Happy" feeling. Exercise and Stretching is the number one way to release this chemical, naturally, so our day is more productive and easier to navigate.

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